kiryu-bu is a new demonstration of contemporary art. Using invisible things such as air

and wind as motifs, we will propose spaces and places where everyone can participate.

We participate in exhibitions and international art festivals, and continue to produce art projects in parks and public spaces.

Recent projects & News

2023.04.03. Monument「AIR DROP~Aqua of a New Era」AIR Info  NEW


2023.09.30. TOYONAKA ART BRIDGE 2023 AIR Info


2023.04.03. Supervised by kiryu-bu "Four Gods-Big Kite" Flying!AIR Info  NEW


2021.11.08. 「Kinetic air」NEW MODEL「REFLEX 2021」→ AIR Info


2021.09.28. 「UPCYCLE SITE and ART with YOU」Special exhibition → AIR Info


2021.09.05. "GRESPOPIA 2021" produced by kiryu-bu → AIR Info


2021.04.16.    “Kinetic air ~ 2021”  New manufacturing project start → AIR Info


2020.09.25.    “High in the sky, everyone's wishes! 2020”

        Kite flying nationwide events ! → AIR Info


2020.09.03. “Exercise in the autumn of art!!Come on, on the green hill!” 

       → AIR Info


2020.02.25. "Sealing Time-Hirono 2120" project → AIR Info 


2019.09.28. Great kite festival by kiryu-bu / 2019-AUTUMN → AIR Info



2019.07.19. 「Hauling the Sky」 in Teshima•Kou → AIR Info


2019.04.03. Setouchi Triennale 2019 → AIR Info

2019.04.02. Dream transfers to the sky / Heijyokyo  great kite art project 2019 

       → AIR Info


2018.11.14. 「Hikari_no_kiryu-dama!! in JAPAN-North Alps」→ AIR Info


2018.08.20. 「North Alps・kiryu-bu/house 2018」→ AIR Info


2018.03.31. North Alps-Great Kites-Project / Omachi city, Nagano. → Air info


2017.   「MAHORA  Fujiidera 〜 ancient tomb×art project」Fujiidera city, Osaka

       → archive 


2017.   「Japan Alps International Art Festival 2017」Omachi city,Nagano

       → archive 


                                                                                                 photo Tsuyoshi Hongo


2017.   「Art Museum · Day in Faret-Tachikawa」Tachikawa city,Tokyo 

       → archive


2016.   「ART1.2016 ~Stepping into Fresh Snow」art court gallery (Osaka)

       →  archive


            Provide photos : art court gallery    Photographer : Takeru Koroda

Project representative

Shinji Morino / Contemporary artist

- Born in 1970 in Kyoto city. Based on the creation of 3D works, drawings and installation works, he will carry out "making things and creating space" related to the local community. Start with the project "kiryu-bu" which proposes space and place where various people and genres can participate, with the motif of air and wind.

2005 Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Grand Prize Exhibition.

2008 "Kyoto Biennale 08" Yomiuri Shimbun Award.

2010 Year "Osaka Canvas Promotion Project" was elected.

2017: "MAHORA Fujiidera" (Osaka Prefecture, Fujiidera City)

2017: "Japan Alps International Arts Festival 2017" (Nagano)

2016: "Japan Alps International Arts Festival Pre Event 2016 - Wind Athletic Meeting" Produce (Nagano)

2016: "ART1~Stepping into the Fresh snow" in ART COURT GALLERY (Osaka)

2016: "Child of Art" Osaka Prefecture Enokojima Art and Culture Creation Center [enoco] (Osaka)

2015: "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015" (Niigata)

2014: "All places are in the middle of the world ~1/100,000 Tsumari" Echigo Tsumari Satoyama Contemporary Art Museum (Niigata)

2013: "Tokushima LED Art Festival 2013" (Tokushima City)

2012: "Osaka canvas promotion project" (Osaka) 2011 as well.

Part-time lecturer

Osaka University Faculty of Engineering / National University Corporation

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature / Collaborative researcher




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